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How A “Petition To Terminate Parental Rights” Works

When you believe that your ex is abusing or neglecting your child, you have the option of filing a petition to terminate the parental rights of your ex. Your ex may lose custody of their children based on their actions but would still have visitation rights. But if you believe that your ex should have no contact with your child because it would not be in your child's best interests, you may be able to file a petition for the termination of parental rights under extreme circumstances. Read More 

A Guide To Winning A Motorcycle Personal Injury Case

Riding a motorcycle is a rush, but considering these vehicles expose riders in a significant way, injuries can result when accidents occur. If you're approaching this accident as a victim and hope to win a personal injury case that follows, use this guide. Don't Rule Out Case if Helmet Wasn't Worn A huge factor at play regarding personal injury cases involving motorcycles and other vehicles is the helmet. This safety device is paramount for your safety, but even if you were hit and didn't have one on, don't automatically think you don't have the right to sue for the injuries you're now dealing with. Read More 

Taking Legal Action To Immigrate A Foreign Spouse

Starting a family is something that many people desire to do someday, and it usually begins with falling in love and getting married. However, falling in love is the type of thing that can happen in any given place, such as in a foreign country. One of the downfalls of falling in love with a foreigner is that the immigration process can be a time-consuming task that doesn't always end with good results. Read More 

How A Construction Law Attorney Can Help You As A Contractor

If you are a contractor, it's key for you to work with a good construction law attorney. If you don't already have a business relationship with a construction law attorney, you might not realize just how helpful one of these legal professionals can be for someone who is in your line of work. However, a construction law attorney should be able to help you as a contractor in these ways and more. Read More 

Why Full Financial Disclosure Is Required During A Divorce

Full financial disclosure is an important part of a divorce. This involves both partners disclosing all information pertaining to their assets, debts, expenses, and income. Failing to disclose all of this information can lead to unfair settlements. Because the procedure for full disclosure varies from state to state, you should speak with a divorce lawyer about what steps you should take. Full Financial Disclosure is Always Required Even when you have reached an agreement on your on, you will always need to engage in full financial disclosure because the courts will review your finances to make sure that everything is fair. Read More 

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