Choosing The Perfect Counsel

Taking Legal Action To Immigrate A Foreign Spouse

Starting a family is something that many people desire to do someday, and it usually begins with falling in love and getting married. However, falling in love is the type of thing that can happen in any given place, such as in a foreign country. One of the downfalls of falling in love with a foreigner is that the immigration process can be a time-consuming task that doesn't always end with good results. One of the common reasons why spouse visas are denied is because the applicants are unable to provide a sufficient amount of evidence to prove that the marriage is legitimate. People can lose a lot of money when put into such a situation, which is why hiring an lawyer is the best option for handling immigration issues.

Discussing Past Immigration Concerns

One concern that a lawyer might bring up during the initial consultation is the immigration history of your spouse. For instance, they will likely want to know if your spouse ever married a foreigner before and attempted to immigrate but was denied entry. Another thing that the lawyer might ask is whether or not your spouse has ever been deported, either from the United States or a different country. The reason why your spouse's immigration history is so important is because it can help the lawyer determine how difficult the visa process might be. They will have a good idea as to whether or not your spouse is likely to be denied or granted entry into the country.

Making Sure Good Evidence Is Obtained

An important part of increasing the chance of your spouse being approved for a visa is to have solid proof in regards to the realness of the marriage. For example, you and your spouse must prove that there is genuine love between you two and that the marriage isn't a sham. A lawyer can ask for multiple photos that were taken on different dates, such as showing you and your spouse together. The photos should also show the two of you spending time with family members, such as during, before, and after the wedding. Other evidence that the lawyer might ask for are phone records, travel itineraries, and joint accounts.

Help With Obtaining A Visa For A Child

Other than applying for a visa for your spouse, it can also be done for their children if it is necessary. For instance, if your spouse has children by someone else, you likely have the right to immigrate them to the U.S. as your stepchildren. A lawyer can assist with immigrating your new family as a whole so you all can live together in the U.S. For more information, contact a family immigration lawyer

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