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Is Your Teen Sexting? It Could Be A Sex Crime

It's challenging for many parents to see the indicators that their teenagers are sexually active, but it's also important to handle this change in a mature and helpful manner. One way that you may learn of your teen's involvement in a sexual relationship is that he or she has been receiving sexual images via text — something that many teens call "sexting." This behavior may or may not mean that your teen is engaging in sexual intercourse, but it does mean that there could be some potential legal concerns. Read More 

Choosing The Best Parenting Plan When You Divorce

If you are divorcing parents, a major part of your divorce agreement will consist of matters dealing with any minor children. The family law courts take the well-being of young people in a divorce situation very seriously, so you should not ignore what might be an emotional and potentially divisive issue. There are two basic ways to divide the caregiving duties for a divorcing couple, so read on to learn more. Read More 

Merge Or Die! When Business Choices Are Extreme And Legal Help Is Needed

Some companies do amazingly well for years. Then, all of a sudden, they cannot keep things going anymore. Yes, you can file for bankruptcy, but if you cannot foresee your company pulling out of a slump after the bankruptcy, then bankruptcy may not be your best choice. Looking for another, better off company with which to merge may help, but you will still need a business lawyer's help. Here is what this " Read More 

Can You Really Be Held Liable When Your Dog Bites An Intruder?

Most dog owners understand and accept the fact that they may be held liable if their dog bites someone, particularly if the bite resulted from negligence. But what is your legal standing when your dog bites someone who was engaging in illegal or threatening behavior themselves? There are plenty of urban legends and conflicting opinions surrounding the liability of a dog owner whose dog bites an intruder, but the truth is that your legal vulnerability will largely depend on the state you live in and the unique circumstances of the incident in question. Read More 

Your Older Car Could Be Putting Your Safety At Risk

It is not uncommon to see older vehicles on the road. In fact, many drivers prefer older vehicles for a number of different reasons. Whether it is the memories a car poses for the driver or the savings in money by not having to buy a new car, your older car has many benefits. Unfortunately, it could also be putting your safety at risk. The average age of a vehicle on the road in 2014 was 11. Read More 

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