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Your Older Car Could Be Putting Your Safety At Risk

It is not uncommon to see older vehicles on the road. In fact, many drivers prefer older vehicles for a number of different reasons. Whether it is the memories a car poses for the driver or the savings in money by not having to buy a new car, your older car has many benefits. Unfortunately, it could also be putting your safety at risk. The average age of a vehicle on the road in 2014 was 11.4 years. As technology advances, newer cars are being equipped with some great safety features that help protect you as a driver. Older cars do not contain these same quality safety features meaning you could incur more injuries when involved in a crash if you drive an older vehicle versus driving a newer vehicle. In an effort to keep you as safe as possible, here are some of the safety features you want to look for in your vehicle.  

Traction Control

If you live in an area that endures a good amount of ice and snow, then you will want to make sure your vehicle is equipped with some form of traction control Electronic stability control is one of the newest features on vehicles that help drivers regain traction when the car starts to get out of control. As the car begins to slide, the feature kicks in and helps apply the brake while also reducing some of the engine torque so your vehicle aligns. 

Blind Spot Technology

Blind spots have always been a nuisance for many drivers, especially for larger vehicles. It can be almost impossible to see all the way around the vehicle when driving. When wanting to change lanes, most drivers have to take their eyes off the road and turn all the way around to see if a vehicle is beside them. The newest blind spot technology sends you a warning as soon as another vehicle is in your blind spot. Additionally, it will also warn you if you go to change lanes and there is a vehicle beside you. This feature does not come standard on most vehicles yet. 

Air Bags

Air bags are easily one of the most popular safety features on the market. Since 1998, all vehicles have come with air bags. While front air bags are standard on vehicles now, technology has improved so much that there are many other types of air bags contained in vehicles. You have rear air bags, side air bags, and even curtain air bags in the vehicle. The addition of these air bags continues to improve the safety of the vehicle and reduce injuries for both drivers and passengers. 

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