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4 Agencies You Need To Report Nursing Home Abuse To

A nursing home should be somewhere where the residents are always safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Nursing homes can often be the site of substandard care, staffing shortages, and untrained or uncaring staff. These deficiencies frequently lead to nursing home abuse. Reporting abuse can become complicated, especially if you do not know how to report the abuse. While the facility may attempt to cover up the abuse internally, other agencies will investigate and ensure the perpetrators answer for their behavior. 

1. Adult Protective Services

Every state has a Department of Health and Human Services, under which you will often find the Department of Social Services. This department is responsible for all federally mandated, state-supervised programs. Adult Protective Services is one of these programs. 

A report of nursing home abuse to Adult Protective Services will result in an independent investigation. Depending on the investigation results, Adult Protective Services will move to protect the elderly person and press charges against the perpetrators. 

2. Local Law Enforcement 

Depending on the severity of the abuse, you may need to report it to local law enforcement directly. A direct report will usually result in a very prompt response and may be the quickest way to ensure the resident is safe and removed from the abusive situation.

Following an investigation by law enforcement, the person responsible for the abuse may be charged. Some possible charges may include: 

  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Assault
  • Sexual Coercion
  • Homicide
  • Murder

Law enforcement may add additional charges as a result of their investigation.

3. Licensing Authorities

All reputable nursing homes are inspected and licensed by their state. The names of these licensing authorities vary from state to state. Reporting abuse directly to the licensing authority will result in an investigation by that agency. Findings of abuse can result in citations, fines, and even closure, depending on the severity of the crime.

4. Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

You need to report the abuse to an attorney who specializes in nursing home abuse as soon as you ensure that the victim of the abuse is safe and receiving the necessary care they need. Nursing home abuse is against the law. Your attorney can assist you in filing charges against the offender and the nursing home where they work if appropriate. Not only should the person be charged criminally, but they also need to be held financially responsible for any medical bills and pain and suffering they have caused.

For more information on nursing home abuse, contact a professional near you.

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