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How Your Legal Advisor Helps You Get Justice After A Sideswipe Automobile Accident

A sideswipe car accident can be due to a momentary loss of focus or negligence. For example, a motorist may move from their lane and hit another vehicle on its side. Sideswipe crashes can also occur if two drivers simultaneously try to join the same lane or as a motorist is driving out of a parking lot.

A driver who damages your vehicle or causes injury in such an accident should take full responsibility for your losses. To help facilitate this, it is wise to hire a car accident attorney to help you in the following ways to get justice.

Advising You on What To Do After the Crash 

Your lawyer helps you avoid any mistakes that may cause you not to get your rightful payments. To this end, they outline guidelines on what you should do after the crash to prevent costly mistakes that might mess up your claim. To begin with, your attorney will likely advise you to exit your vehicle and wait at a safe location until healthcare providers and law enforcement arrive at the accident scene. They'll also ask you to take videos and pictures of the other motorist's license, the destruction to your car, skid marks, and the area where the accident occurred.

Moreover, your legal advisor will ask you to get documentation of all medical and vehicle repair bills, in addition to other accident-related expenses such as lost wages. These documents are invaluable when your lawyer is calculating your total damages. Your attorney may also ask you to get in touch with your insurance provider to let them know about the crash, advising you to give the insurance representatives a simple statement without elaborating on details. This helps prevent you from saying anything that could be used as an admission of liability, which would reduce your compensation or have it denied altogether.

Determining the At-Fault Party

At first glance, the driver who moved, e.g., by shifting lanes, may seem like the culprit behind a sideswipe crash. In effect, however, ascertaining the at-fault party is not straightforward. This is why you need to hire a car accident attorney to investigate the crash and gather various pieces of evidence. This proof is necessary to demonstrate that you bear no responsibility and that the other motorist made an error that caused the collision. For instance, your lawyer may include the vehicle's black box data or statements from bystanders, other drivers, and passengers. Your attorney might also hire expert witnesses to review the pictures and videos taken at the accident scene to establish who was at fault.

A sideswipe collision can cause you to suffer injury and incur costly auto repair bills. Even so, you can get financial help to take care of these expenses by taking legal action against the person who caused the crash. Accordingly, an auto accident lawyer can probe to determine the cause of the crash and hold the wrongdoer accountable.

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