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How Much Will My Truck Accident Case Be Worth?

Motorists often do not realize how much a truck accident case can be worth because most motorists are thinking in terms of auto accident cases involving passenger vehicles. With truck accidents, it's important not to settle a case too quickly because there is a lot of money on the line.

How a Truck Accident Case Is Usually Settled

Commercial trucks are typically insured by a commercial truck insurance company and you will likely need to file a claim with this type of company. A commercial insurance provider has a much higher policy limit than an auto insurance provider. Even if your case is worth more than the policy limit of the insurance provider, you may also be able to sue the truck company directly for further damages.

Don't Accept the Initial Settlement Offer

Because of how large a settlement can be, it is important to make sure that you don't accept one of the early settlement offers. Instead, you should contact a truck injury lawyer as soon as possible, and your lawyer will handle your case as you focus on recovering.

Once a truck accident lawyer contacts the insurance provider, you may quickly see a higher settlement offer because the insurance provider will realize that you're serious and will try to save money by settling as early as possible. However, you have plenty of time to settle and you may be able to negotiate a larger settlement.

Look for Ways To Finance Your Case

You might be under a lot of financial pressure and may be tempted to settle your truck accident case early. For example, you might ask your lawyer to help you pay for medical bills, or you might take out a loan that's designed specifically for financing legal cases. Insurance providers will often try to prolong the case to place financial pressure on you and having another source of financing can help you be more patient.

Factors That Affect Your Settlement Amount

Depending on the state in which you reside, there are various factors that can influence a settlement amount from a truck accident case. For example, your age and whether you are severely impaired can affect the settlement amount.

The behavior of the driver can also play a role. Therefore, you will need help from an experienced attorney who can gather the facts of the case and use their knowledge of the law to help you obtain the best possible settlement.

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