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Personal Injury Case: Why Is It Taking Long?

A personal injury case might take several months or even years to settle. When that happens don't worry, because certain factors are contributing to the drag. Ensure that you are working with a personal injury lawyer to represent you in court. Here are critical reasons why the case goes on for a long time.

Difficulty Determining Liability

When there is an issue determining who is responsible for your injury, your case might lag. Take, for instance, you slip and harm yourself in a restaurant or office; identifying the person liable for the accident can be a hassle. An insurance company won't offer you any settlement unless there is concrete proof.

Thankfully, you can work with a personal injury lawyer to gather as much evidence as possible. Photos and medical proof are requisite in speeding up your case. You can get a doctor to testify that the defendant was at fault when the accident occurred. Typically, your physician should directly link your injuries to the accident.

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

If you are still on treatment after an accident, it means your case will take longer to settle. It would be best if you reached maximum medical improvement to assess the case's value at hand. Otherwise, you won't receive any settlement until you meet MMI requirements.

Here, you will have to be patient until you recover partly or wholly to obtain the correct valuation. This way, you will take home a fair compensation to get back on your feet after the stressful situation.

A Large Settlement Case

The compensation that you receive highly depends on the extent of bodily harm the accident caused. Payment can be delayed if your insurer has to part with large sums of money. Usually, some insurance companies will take matters slowly to see if you will give up or accept a reduced amount.

At this point, talk with an attorney to negotiate the settlement on your behalf. The expert will have to do the following to win the case:

  • Prove that your injuries are utterly severe
  • Indicate that you are trustworthy 
  • Complete paperwork to defend you in court

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

The aftermath of an accident is stressful. Therefore, you can rely on a legal expert to guide you on the exact words to say if the case goes to trial. Besides collecting evidence, your lawyer will accompany you to court and argue your case. Also, the insurer won't intimidate you or offer an unjust settlement. Insurance companies have attorneys and adjusters who determine your compensation. It's only fair that you hire a lawyer too.

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