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Information On Special Education And Lawyers

When you have a child with a learning or physical disability or another illness or condition that has caused them to need special education, your child deserves and needs to be treated fairly at school. When your child is school-aged, there may be issues that arise and leave you needing help navigating the system in order to receive certain resources. There are special education lawyers you may come to need the help of at some point. You can learn more on this topic below. 

There are many types of disabilities that may require an IEP

When a child is in need of special education services, they will have an individual educational plan (IEP). An IEP identifies the needs of each child and outlines everything from the child's needs and requirements to the goals the child will be working toward achieving. Some examples of things that can cause a child to have an IEP include autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, oppositional defiant disorder, learning disability, nonverbal learning disability, phobias, and others. 

Each child is different, has different needs, and will be working toward different goals. This is why having an individual learning plan is important. However, there are many issues that can arise surrounding this, which is why you many need to hire a special education lawyer. For example, you may feel that your child is not being offered an IEP despite their need for one, or if your child is given an IEP, you may feel that it is not appropriate for your child. There are many other issues that can arise when you are unable to find someone willing to help, and a special education lawyer can help you and your child.

There may be disciplinary matters that can come up

Just as with all the children in a school, a child on an IEP will also be expected to abide by the set of rules and standards of the school they go to. When something happens that leads toward a need for discipline and the child has an IEP, this IEP should be considered when determining what disciplinary actions should be taken. 

Also, there may be extenuating circumstances that should be considered when it comes to whether the child should be disciplined at all. For example, if a child has an anxiety disorder, and they are being disruptive in class because they are in the middle of an anxiety attack, then their IEP should be taken into consideration. They are not meaning to be disruptive and the only reason they are is due to something that is out of their control. If you feel that your child is not being treated appropriately and you are having issues, such as the school wanting them to be expelled, then you should think about getting in contact with a special education lawyer.

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