Choosing The Perfect Counsel

Why Your Firm Needs to Hire a Securities Law Attorney

Most corporate executives have their company's daily operations down to a science. They know exactly what to expect as far as expenses and what they need to do to continue growing profits. Every once in a while though, your company might need to make a big decision to move forward. Things can get quite complex, for example, if you decide to bring something like stock options into the mix. If your company is making a major transition or adjustment to its business model, you might want to retain additional legal help. A corporate lawyer that specializes in securities law may be able to help you with specific scenarios that you are ill-equipped to handle on your own.

Here's why you might want to contact a securities law attorney today.

Your Company Wants to Go Public

Taking a private company public has always been and will always be a big deal. An initial public offering is a great way for your company to raise much-needed funds that it can use to continue to grow. But properly structuring an IPO is easier said than done. You'll want to make sure you do it in a way that allows you or other key people to retain control of the company, and you will of course have to navigate SEC rules and regulations that govern IPOs. Don't go into this process without a lawyer by your side to double-check your work.

Your Company Is Buying Someone Out or Considering a Merger

Bringing in new blood via an acquisition or merger is a great way to boost your company's growth potential. But things can get legally complicated fairly quickly once one or more companies try to come together. Your securities lawyer will do everything he or she can to ensure this process goes smoothly. Any terms or conditions needed to protect your company's property or IP can be ironed out. If there is a danger of federal regulators looking into the situation as a potential monopoly, your lawyer can educate you on every possible scenario before it happens and help you structure the deal in a way that will hopefully avoid such scrutiny.

Stay in Compliance When Giving Stock Options

Once your company is public, you may start awarding stock to your employees as a bonus incentive or core part of their compensation. You don't want to do this in a way though that would raise any red flags with stockmarket regulators and get your company either fined or cast in a bad public light. Your security attorney will ensure any stock awards or options are handed out properly every time. 

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