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Why Hire A Child Support Lawyer

Child support is a matter of family law and usually accompanies a divorce agreement, annulment, dissolution of civil marriage, or simply as a matter of establishing paternity or maternity of a child. As a matter of basic procedure, the parent who pays the child support is referred to as the obligor, and the receiving parent is referred to as the obligee. These designations are not determined nor influenced by sex but as a matter of a potential combination of factors. Traditionally, the obligor tends to be either a non-custodial parent of the child-in-question or a parent with at least partial custody but earns a higher income than the obligee. This is especially true with parents that share equal custody — the parent with the higher income will traditionally pay at least a certain amount to the parent with a comparatively lower income. There is also no standard procedure in place for determining who is to pay child support, nor how it is to be calculated or enforced. It varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Accordingly, if one find themselves in the process of a family court that would make child support a likely scenario, it would be wise to hire to services of an attorney well versed in the application of that branch of law. This is true of both parties. Both parents should retain the services of a child support lawyer. 

Child support, though legally binding once ordered by the court, isn't set in stone forever. There are many circumstances that might legally warrant a petition for the court to modify a previous child support order or amount. For example, if the obligor's financial situation has changed dramatically, such as a period of unemployment or significant medical expenses, they can petition the court to lower or even annul their child support obligations. Likewise, if the obligee's financial situation has changed in the affirmative and they are now the higher income earner of the two parents, it would behoove the obligor to have the court reexamine the child support order. Of course, as with anything in the legal realm, the actual procedure for taking any of these actions is extremely nuanced, and it would be incredibly easy for one unfamiliar with it to make countless mistakes out of ignorance or omission. An attorney who specializes in child support proceedings could help in countless beneficial ways, whether one is the obligor or the obligee.  

For more info, reach out to a child support lawyer in your area.

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