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What Happens if You Dodge a Process Server?

A process server plays an integral role in today's legal system. Process servers are responsible for delivering important legal paperwork to individuals who have been named in a lawsuit. Without the service of these papers, an individual might not have the opportunity to defend themselves properly.

Some people think that by avoiding a process server they can get out of a legal bind but this isn't the case. There could be serious consequences if you dodge a process server, so it's in your best interest to accept service as quickly as possible.

Alternate Means of Service

A court will not accept that an individual can't be served. If a process server fails to contact you directly, the court will probably authorize the server to use alternate means of delivering your legal paperwork. The paperwork might be sent to you via certified mail with a tracking number that can prove delivery. The process server might also be able to serve another individual living in your home on your behalf. When alternate means of service must be used, you reduce the amount of time that you have to prepare a legal defense.

Official Notice

When a process server is unable to reach you via certified mail or through serving another individual in your home, the court will authorize the use of an official notice. An official notice is used when all other means of service have been exhausted and the individual still can't be found. A local newspaper or website will publish the official notice letting you and the world know that you are facing legal action. Many people find an official notice embarrassing. It's in your best interest to accept service from the process server so that your personal affairs will not be published for the world to see.

Continuation of the Case

Service is required for any legal action to move forward. Despite this requirement, the court does offer a provision that will allow the plaintiff to continue his or her case if service cannot be obtained. The plaintiff will be required to prove that any and all measures have been taken to serve you with legal paperwork.

If it appears that you are deliberately avoiding service, the court will allow the case to move forward without additional notification. This could result in a judgment being levied against you without your knowledge or a negative outcome in your case because you didn't mount a defense. For more information on this process, contact services like AAA Attorney Service Co Of Ny Inc.

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