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Specific Reasons A Driver May Be Liable For A Weather-Related Accident

There are cases where an auto accident seems to be the result of bad weather, but a driver still ends up being blamed for the crash. Here are some specific actions by a driver that may make them liable for a weather-related crash.

Not Using Windshield Wiper

Bad weather often comes with reduced visibility. For example, during a rainfall, both the windshield and the air will be filled with water, reducing visibility. The windshield wiper is there to clean the glass and improve visibility in such cases. Anyone who continues to drive with dirty glass might fail to notice a pedestrian or slow-moving car and stop in time. Thus, anyone who drives through the rain and fails to activate their wipers will be liable for any damages they might cause in an accident.

Driving At a High Speed

Several reasons make driving at high speeds in inclement weather dangerous. First, the braking distance increases if the bad weather has made the road slippery. Increased braking distance means motorists need to slow down so that they can stop safely in case of an emergency. Secondly, bad weather (like a storm or foggy conditions) reduces visibility. With reduced visibility, motorists might not notice road hazards (such as stalled vehicles) in time. Lastly, controlling a car on slippery roads is difficult, especially at high speeds.

If you consider all these things, motorists should slow down when the weather changes and affects driving safety. Any motorist that speeds under such conditions can easily cause an accident, and they will have to pay for the crash.

Driving a Car with Defective Brakes

As mentioned above, the braking distance increases with slippery roads. Reduced visibility or strong winds also increase the chance that a driver might have to brake suddenly, for example, if a car skids. Considering all these things, only cars with good brakes should be on the road if the weather is bad. Anyone who drives with defective brakes under such conditions should be prepared to compensate all victims of any accidents that might ensue.

Failing to Obey Traffic Laws

Traffic laws don't become suspended just because the weather is acting up. You can't break the speed limit because you want to beat a storm home and get away with it. You can't drive the wrong lane because the weather is bad and you think you are the only one on the road. If you make such mistakes and cause an accident, then prepare to compensate the victims of your crash.

If you are a victim of a weather-related accident, you can use the above points to claim damages from the liable driver. Eyewitness testimonies, expert witness testimonies, and accident reconstruction experts can help you prove your claim.

For more information, contact an auto accident lawyer.

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