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Are You A Construction Contractor? Signs That You Might Need An Attorney

Working in the construction industry can come with a lot of uncertainty. Unless you are partnering with someone who has a big book of clients to assist there could be long periods of time when you are either under-employed or unable to find an assignment at all. However, once you do sign on as a contractor with a general administrator or company you have rights. When those rights are violated you must take action if you are to receive the compensation you deserve. If you find yourself in any of the following situations it's best to let an attorney get on the case right away.

You Haven't Received The Agreed Upon Amount Of Pay

Payroll issues can easily arise when you're dealing with a construction project. Maybe a general contractor brought you on board by promising you a set amount of pay for the duration of the construction period. Everything may seem to be going along as planned but if inclement weather comes up and you end up working on the project much longer than was expected the situation could change. The general contractor may have mis-budgeted and is now trying to shortchange you by going back on the agreement.

It's not fair for you to be the victim of income discrepancy with only a shallow explanation to make up for it. When this happens you should immediately get in touch with a construction attorney. They can go over your case to determine just how much you have been shorted and present the general contractor with an ultimatum to either make up the difference or risk having a lien placed against them that could make it hard to complete the project.

The Jobsite Isn't Safe For You To Work In

If you sign up for an assignment without seeing the job site you could be in for a rude awakening once you arrive. The conditions on the premises could be so bad that you fear for your safety if you were to start working there.

Because you may have already signed a contract it might seem like you're stuck. The good news is that a construction attorney can fight to get you out of the contract based strictly on the fact that you could be risking your physical safety by working under such conditions.

Knowing that you have rights fills you with confidence and helps you avoid feelings of powerlessness. When these events arise talk with a construction lawyer and let them help you find a solution.

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