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Dealing With Civil Or Employee Rights Violations While At Work

Whatever kind of work you do, you should be respected by those you work for and with. However, there are work incidents which can cause you to question whether a line has been crossed; if you're starting to question whether your manager or co-workers are acting in an outrageous or illegal manner, consider these pointers. 

Keep Records

You might already be recounting upsetting incidents to your spouse, relatives or friends. In addition to venting, make time for keeping written records about these events. Keep a journal or do a short recording about everything happening at work that seems suspect to you. If you later opt for lawsuits or other action, you'll have contemporaneous proof of the things you claim.

Ask a Professional

Even if something seems wrong to you, an employer or co-worker could be in accordance with local or federal laws. However, you might have real grievances that violate the Fair Labor Standards Act--or FLSA. Payment and working hours guidelines are dictated by this law.

If your boss insists you come in irregular hours and doesn't offer you any overtime pay, for example, they could be violating the FLSA. Frank discussions with attorneys well-versed in this law should illuminate the situation for you If you're dealing with name-calling, unfair treatment or other discriminatory acts, this is also worth talking over.

Avoid Ugly Confrontations

When you're sure that your co-workers or managers are acting inappropriately, you may want to call them out. While private discussions are appropriate, you might want to avoid the kind of ugly confrontations that could worsen the environment for you and other uninvolved persons. If you get into a shouting match or take retaliatory actions, for example, you may fully in the right. However, this could reflect poorly on you and actually hurt any legal case you eventually bring. 

Report to Federal and State Agencies

EEOC--Equal Employment Opportunity Commission--reporting and discussions with the state's Labor Department should also be seriously considered. They're the agencies tasked with handling employee complaints, civil rights violations and other working issues. They will recommend various courses of action to you and make notes to go on file in case other employees at your job step forward with their own problems.

As a working adult, you deserve dignity in your position and on the job; consider whether these actions are worth taking a stand on. Talking to a FLSA attorney should clarify civil rights issues so you're sure about what legal options are possible or recommended.

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