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3 Signs That You Should Hire a Private Investigator to Track Down An Unscrupulous Contractor

Whenever you hire a contractor to work in or around your home, there's always a degree of concern about the tradesperson doing the work properly. Fortunately, the internet makes it easy to find the right contractor, which can reduce your risk of running into a difficult situation. However, you might occasionally find yourself in tough circumstances with a contractor who has changed his or her phone number or even the name of his or her business so that you can't locate him or her to take legal action. This isn't a time to give up. Instead, you should tell your story to a private investigator who can work to track down the unscrupulous contractor. Here are three scenarios in which you may want to hire the PI.

Job Not Completed

Some homeowners run into the difficult situation of a contractor not doing the agreed-upon work after getting paid. Many contractors ask for a certain percentage of money right away, and some will simply take this work and evade you. In many cases, the money that you pay a contractor will be significant, and you'll want to take legal action to recover this loss. However, you may struggle to find the contractor on your own. This is a prime scenario in which your private investigator will use a variety of means to locate this person.

Job Done Poorly

Sometimes, contractors will complete the task for you but cut several corners along the way. To your untrained eye, the work might look fine right away, but you may soon begin to notice some problems. Perhaps a friend who is skilled at home remodeling projects will eventually visit you and point out that the quality of the contractor's work is poor. You'll want to confront the contractor about this problem, but if he or she did poor work on purpose, the contractor will likely take steps to stay hidden from you.

Legal Problems With Job

You may encounter the difficult position of facing legal action from someone as a result of the contractor's work. For example, if you hired a fencing contractor to build you a fence that later fell down and injured your neighbor, the neighbor may take legal action against you for your negligence. While you may indeed have some culpability as the owner of the fence, much of the blame lies on the contractor who did a bad and unsafe job. You'll want your private investigator to find the contractor so that your neighbor can target him or her legally.

Protect yourself by taking matters into your own hands by hiring private investigation services if you have fallen prey to an unscrupulous contractor.

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