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Four Ways A Lawyer Can Help After A Vehicle Accident

While motor vehicle accidents are called that because they are not intentional or planned, there are occasions when someone is at fault or has caused the accident in the eyes of the law. If the person who is deemed responsible for the accident does not have insurance or another way to take financial responsibility, you can find yourself in a position that requires you to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer, such as one from Shaevitz Shaevitz & Kotzamanis, to help recover damages.

Determining Who Is To Blame

In most cases, the police officers on the scene of a motor vehicle accident will determine the cause of the accident and if one person is to blame for it. There are times though that the police are unable to tell for sure who was at fault, and getting the details may require an accident reconstruction. If your lawyer believes the other driver is at fault, they can hire such an expert and bring them to court to testify on your behalf.

Financial Liability and Compensation

In cases where it is clear that the other driver was at fault but does not have insurance on their vehicle, your lawyer may have to take them to court and ask the judge to make them pay damage to you for your losses. Sometimes it is simple but other times they do not have the ability to pay much so it can take years to recover the damages. If they do have insurance but the company is arguing against paying, the court will likely have to get involved and issue an order for them to pay for your damages.

Liability Where Injuries Are Involved

If the accident you are involved in leaves you injured, the medical costs will also be considered damages in most cases. If the insurance company is trying to exclude part or all of those costs, you need to have a lawyer get involved in fighting for your rights. A good motor vehicle accident lawyer understands the laws and how to deal with the insurance company. They know how to get what is due you and get the bills paid for the medical care you may need.

Affording a Lawyer After An Accident

Lawyers are expensive and if you are already struggling with financial losses after an accident, finding a way to pay for one can be hard. Some accident lawyers will offer you a free consultation so you can talk to them, explain what has happened, and they can determine if they can help you or not. If you have a case, there are lawyers that will agree to work for you with no money up front. They only take a percentage of the money you recover so if they lose your case, they don't get paid. This can be a great option if money is tight, but keep in mind you will have to have a strong case for them to consider taking it.

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