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2 Reasons To Hire A Family Lawyer When You Attempt To Adopt A Child

An essential resource to utilize when trying to adopt a child is a family lawyer, typically because the family lawyer will be able to protect you from some of the dangers that can occur during the adoption process. Listed below are two reasons to hire a family lawyer when you attempt to adopt a child.

Will Prevent Financial Loss During A Private Adoption

A private adoption is among the most common types of adoption out there and occurs when you find someone willing to let you adopt their child without having to work with an adoption agency. In most cases, when you enter into a private adoption scenario, the person putting up their child for adoption will require that you pay for pregnancy-related medical expenses and then allow you to adopt the child when he or she is born. Occasionally, the private adoption agreement may also require you to pay for some of the pregnant person's living expenses, such as rent, utilities, and groceries.

However, the problem that can sometimes arise when going through with a private adoption is that the pregnant individual may choose to keep the child after giving birth, at which point you can lose all of the money that you gave that individual in addition to the child that you had your heart set on. A family lawyer can help protect you from the financial loss at the very least through the use of a contract that you and the pregnant individual must sign prior to you paying for any expenses that explicitly states that you are paying the requested expenses only so that you can adopt the child. This will allow you to take the person to court if they decide to keep their child to get a court order requiring that you be repaid, although it will not allow you to force the person to give you the child. 

Will Prevent You From Fraudulent Agencies

Another very important reason to hire a family lawyer when you are attempting to adopt a child is to have the lawyer investigate an adoption agency before you agree to pay the agency for their services. This will protect you from the fraudulent adoption agencies that promise to agree to help you find a child and then disappear as soon as you pay them for the promised assistance.

In order to protect your from those agencies, the family lawyer will look into the history of the company and the staff in order to find past occurrences of fraud as well as any complaints that have been lodged against the agency. Also, if you want to avoid the risk of working with an unfamiliar agency altogether, a family lawyer can also offer recommendations for adoption agencies that their clients have worked with in the past that turned out to be completely legitimate.

Make an appointment with a local family lawyer today to discuss what they can do to help you with your planned adoption. A family lawyer can help prevent financial loss during a private adoption and from being taken advantage of by a fraudulent adoption agency.

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