Choosing The Perfect Counsel

Three Reasons To Hire The Best DUI Attorney You Can Find

Being charged with a driving under the influence (DUI) penalty is very serious, which is why you need to match this seriousness by hiring a DUI lawyer to defend you. If you try to defend yourself or don't hire a quality DUI lawyer, you really have a lot to lose in this situation. To further illustrate why the hire of a highly professional and experienced DUI attorney is so important, read these points below to see how a conviction will affect your life. 

The Lifestyle Repercussions

When convicted of a DUI attorney, you will notice a stark change in your everyday life nearly immediately. For one, many people lose their license in the form of a suspension or revocation. Sometimes this happens upon the arrest, and other times, you won't lose your license until the case plays out. The courts can also make you install an interlock ignition device into your vehicle, which wires it to not start unless you blow into the machine's breathalyzer every time that you want to drive. This can be incredibly embarrassing and an inconvenience to your regular life. 

Dealing With The Criminal Justice System

Perhaps the scariest part of dealing with a driving under the influence case is the possibility of legal punishments. In terms of fines and penalties, you can end up paying as much as $20,000 once it is all said and done with your DUI case. This can also mean that you will be sentenced to time in jail, which also means that you'll have a criminal offense on your legal record. Further, the very act of having to go to multiple court hearings regularly can be a huge inconvenience, since these situations are not always resolved quickly. 

Future Ramifications From A DUI Conviction

Finally, you need to remember that even once you have learned your lesson, a driving under the influence conviction is the type of mistake that can follow you for a long time. You won't be able to do things like run for public office without having to deal with this conviction popping up as a red flag. Companies that are making hires will also see this conviction on your background check, making it difficult for you to earn a living. You can also pay expensive car insurance rates or get dropped by your current provider, since you will now be deemed a risky driver. 

With these points in mind, be sure that you do your best to hire a professional DUI lawyer, such as those found at Jack Weatherill Law Offices, to represent your case.

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Choosing The Perfect Counsel

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