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Employment Class Action Suits: What They Are, Why You Would Face One, And How The Defense Attorney Helps

Class action suits are lawsuits that involve so many parties it would make it impossible to bring everyone into the courtroom for the hearing. It also frequently involves people from around the country or the globe, thereby making it doubly impossible to get everyone involved to appear and present their case. Additionally, a class action suit is one where most everyone involved has the same complaint, so a few lawyers represent the entire class that is suing for a particular reason or reasons. An employment class action suit then, is one that results from complaints that your company or business discriminates or has done something illegal. Here is more about this special type of class action suit, why you might face one and what the role of the defense attorney is.

Employment Class Action Suits

An employment class action suit begins when a number of people come forward and claim that they have been the victims of discrimination, racist behavior or prejudicial behavior. They may have been refused for employment for which they were clearly qualified on paper but then denied in person because of their appearance, beliefs, etc.They could also be a group of people that worked for you for a time, but then were fired based on race, color, creed, religion, physical/cognitive abilities, age, etc. Whatever the accusation, it is not good for your company, as it paints it in a very negative light.

Why You Would Face a Class Action Suit

As a business owner, you would be undoubtedly surprised to be served with a lawsuit, much less a class action lawsuit. However, if you have received a summons to appear, it is because a number of people feel that you discriminated against them, or that you have someone working for you that discriminated against them. Your employees still represent you and your company, but you would be sued because you are the owner. The first thing you will need to do is hire a lawyer.

The Role of the Defense Attorney

The role of the employment class action defense attorney in this case is to defend you. He or she has to show that the claims of the plaintiff class are either unfounded, or misdirected, especially if the employees responsible for such reprehensible actions have already been fired. When you, personally, did not encourage or promote such behavior and do not practice such behaviors, your lawyer can show that these claims have little footing against you and your company and that the plaintiffs need to pursue a lawsuit against those who dealt unfairly with them.

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