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3 Signs That You Need To Hire An Elder Law Lawyer For Your Loved One

If you have an elderly loved one that you are becoming concerned about in regards to their safety, you might start to wonder if you need to retain a lawyer that specializes in elder law. To help you with this, you might want to review the following points.

You Notice Bruises That Cannot Be Explained

Should you start to notice that your elderly loved one is starting to develop bruises that cannot be explained. Whether the bruises cannot be explained because your loved one is not able to recall what caused the bruising or because he or she may be afraid to come forward due to fear of the people who are inflicting the harm. You could just try talking to the people who are in charge of caring for your family member, such as the assisted living facility manager or the care taking that does the in home health care, but they could simply deny the abuse. By getting a lawyer involved, you may be able to access video surveillance footage and have further investigations started.

You Spot A Change In His Or Her Personality

As some people age, you may notice a slight change in their personality. However, this is usually something that is gradual in nature. Should you notice that there is an extreme change in their personality over a short period of time, there could be something seriously wrong with his or her surroundings and how they are being treated. An example would be less of a desire to speak up or ask for what he or she wants. Also, if there is a sudden change in how your loved one interacts with the staff that cares for him or her, you might want to talk to an elder law lawyer to start an investigation. The lawyer conducts an investigation by reviewing video footage, interviewing potential witnesses to elder abuse, and getting expert testimony from therapists that have had contact with the elderly family member.

You Notice A Change In The Behavior Of The Caretakers

Sometimes, the changes that you are looking for is within the personality and actions of the people who are taking care of your elderly loved one each day. If you notice that the staff is suddenly over-the-top with how sweet and attentive they are when you are visiting or you notice that they seem to distance themselves from you in order to avoid too much contact with you, there might be a reason. A lawyer who specializes in elder law can help you figure out what is going on.

With those three signs in mind, you should be able to figure out whether you need the help of an elder law lawyer (like Edward G. Foster).

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