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4 Reasons Why Marriages End In Divorce

A marriage is a union that both parties have to work hard to maintain. According to Fox News Magazine, it is believed that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. If you cannot save your marriage, then you should explore your options with a divorce lawyer. Here are four reasons why marriages end in divorce.


Finance is one of the main reasons why couples end their marriages. This subject is very complicated. Money can make your life better or worse in some cases.

The global recession, rampant foreclosures, credit card debt and the escalating unemployment rate all contribute to the divorce rate. Many couples cannot handle the pressures of getting laid off from work or losing a home. The frustration of not having enough money can drive even a happily married couple apart. It is very hard for a marriage to overcome constant arguments about money.

Does Not Fulfill Your Needs

Everyone has their own needs and wants. If your spouse refuse to acknowledge your desires and interests, then it is going to cause problems in the marriage. A spouse who wants to save his marriage is willing to go the distance to fulfill the needs of his or her spouse.


Physical abuse is something that should not be tolerated by anybody. It is also against the law. If you feel that you are in an unsafe environment, then you should get out. You should also first call the police if physical abuse occurs.

It is very hard to stay in a marriage after physical abuse. This act breaks down trust and the abuse could happen again.

Religious and Cultural Differences

Religious and cultural differences are another reason why marriages end in divorce. These factors affects the way you raise your children and the way you live. A Muslim and Baptist have different religious view. Muslims expect their spouse to convert over to Islam. On the other hand, Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in celebrating holidays. It can be a deal breaker when one spouse is not willing to practice these values.

A marriage ending in divorce is usually not an accident. Problems in a relationship tend to build up over time. It is hard to resolve your issues when one spouse is not willing to share his or her feelings. If you or your spouse are not willing to work on the marriage, then it is time to schedule an appointment with a law firm like Koth & Gregory PC Law Firm.

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