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Factors That Make An MRI Is Necessary After A Truck Accident

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology is a key medical tool used after vehicle accidents to detect neurological or musculoskeletal injury that can become significantly more severe if left untreated.  

If you don't have procedures like MRIs performed in a timely manner, it could aggravate injuries and, therefore, increase the resulting medical expenses. When you're defending yourself in a trucking accident case, it's important to show that you've done everything you could to minimize the severity and the expense of your injuries. 

The following are six signs that you need an MRI to ensure that your doctor has detected all of the consequences of a trucking accident so that you can get the treatment your need and avoid injury aggravation over time:

Head trauma

Head trauma involves any stress placed on the scalp, brain, or skull, due to a collision of the head with an obstacle. Also, head trauma could occur when the head is violently jerked or the body is brought to an immediate halt during movement, an injury known as "whiplash". 

If there is any head trauma, your doctor should immediately be running an MRI to determine the extent of the injury. 

Numbness isolated to one part of the body

Those who experience truck accident injuries may feel numbness after the accident. This numbness could indicate nerve damage. An MRI is an important procedure in pinpointing the neurological injuries that are causing numbness in one or several parts of the body.

Persistent back pain

Persistent back pain after a trucking accident could indicate that the spinal cord has been damaged and the vertebrae are out of alignment. An MRI will verify the severity of any alignment issues that could be causing back pain. 

Muscle weakness

Like numbness, muscle weakness is another indication that a trucking accident has caused nerve damage. 

Internal bleeding

Internal bleeding is often caused by bone fractures. A full body MRI will immediately pinpoint any fractures and bone irregularities that could be causing internal bleeding. 

Internal bleeding can cause severe complications including infection and organ failure if it is not quickly treated. If internal bleeding is particularly severe, it can lead to brain damage, stroke, or death. 

Memory problems

Those who experience a trucking accident and have memory problems in the days following their accident may be experiencing retrograde amnesia. This is an indication of a traumatic brain injury. An MRI is an important tool in diagnosing and determining treatment procedures for this type of injury. Contact a local truck accident lawyer, such as Gabrielson Law Offices, Ltd, for further assistance.   

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