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Staying Informed And Seeking Solutions - Strategy Questions For A Criminal Lawyer

Finding yourself in a situation where you need to seek the services of a criminal lawyer can be one of the most stressful times of anyone's life. Regardless of the degree of your involvement in an alleged crime, it's important to remember that you're guaranteed a great deal of rights and protections, and it's vital that you take every step you can to cling to those.

Below. you'll find a guide to some questions you should ask your criminal defense attorney about developing a strategy for your case. Having the answers to these questions can guide you down the path toward the most successful outcome possible and can help guarantee that you end up in a situation that allows you to maximize your potential liberty.

Ask About Evidence and Discovery

As the prosecution builds a criminal case against you, the evidence gathering process is required to be transparent. Any evidence uncovered must be disclosed to your defense attorney to allow you the fair opportunity to build a rebuttal.

You should be sure to ask your attorney about every piece of evidence that he or she has received in discovery. Having an accurate idea of what you'll be facing throughout the proceedings is a vital step in determining the best way for you to proceed with seeking a just resolution.

Ask About Strategy Evolution

A common misconception about criminal defense attorneys is that they seek to prove your innocence. Indeed, the American justice system is based on the assumption that you're innocent from the start, so instead, your attorney will seek to develop a strategy that will allow you the most favorable outcome.

You should feel free to ask your attorney about his or her strategy so you have a better idea what to expect from court proceedings. This will also allow you the opportunity to be involved in the strategy to the extent your attorney is comfortable and will put you in a position to contribute more fully to your defense.

Ask About Plea Bargains

The overwhelming majority of criminal cases do not go through the trial process and are instead handled via a plea bargain. If you believe that you have some degree of culpability in a criminal act, it's typically a wise decision to admit to a level of involvement and seek a reduction in charges. You should make it clear to your attorney if you're open to this possibility, as doing so will provide your lawyer with a wide avenue of new possibilities to seek the best, most just solution for you.

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