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Reporting Social Security Disability Fraud: How Avoiding A Report Could Cost You More

Some people try for years to get social security disability, but still struggle to receive it even if they have a legitimate disability. Others, who do not have a real disability, somehow manage to get benefits without much difficulty at all. Despite the fact that the Social Security Administration does everything they can to prevent fraudulent claims, a few sneak by. If you fear retribution from a person you know has made a fraudulent claim, just think of the more serious issues that social security fraud causes.

You Pay More Than You Should

The American taxpayers are left with a multi-billion dollar bill annually for all of the fraudulent claims on social security disability benefits. With the SSA treasury already in a deficit of billions, you are paying double or more what you should to cover the fake claims staked under real illnesses. If that does not make you mad enough to report fraud when you uncover it, maybe you have not heard that by 2044 there will be no social security retirement benefits if the government cannot pay back American workers what it borrowed and come up with a new plan. The government is relying on a trillion-dollar stash to get Americans through that fiscal year, but with the rise in disability claims, it may not make it.

The Younger the Claimant, the Longer Benefits Are Paid

There are many disabilities that affect children, including autism, for which the SSA pays benefits. These are very legitimate disabilities, and doctors and teachers alike have supporting evidence that the children are in need. However, it is young adults, the millennials, who are trading in their day jobs to get on disability. Most of them are good, hard-working individuals, but the handful that have "failure to launch" syndrome are coming up with disorder diagnoses that cannot be physically measured but could still receive disability benefits.

These young adults do not realize the financial burden they are creating on taxpayers and society as a whole. If they have worked, or tried to work, all they have to do is fake a mental illness, get a doctor to prescribe pills, and then live at home with mom and dad. If you know of someone who is definitely able-bodied and can work, you should bring pictures along with your fraud case complaint to the nearest SSA office. 

Before you report fraud, make sure you know the facts and consult a lawyer. like Duncan Disability Law SC, ahead of time. If the person you accuse of social security disability fraud figures out that you filed the complaint, you will need legal protection to back you up. Reporting your suspicions is the right thing to do, and as long as you have a lawyer on your side, you should not fear retribution.

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