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Why No One Who Has Been Injured Should Deal Directly With An Insurance Company

After an injury it may be tempting to take a settlement offer from an insurance company or to deal with them directly, having them reimburse you for medical bills or to accept a settlement offer. However, it's never a good idea to think that you can or should deal directly with an insurance company after an injury and instead, it's always recommended that you contact a personal injury attorney. Consider why this is.

1. A settlement offer may not be generous or even fair

A settlement offer may look very generous to you but in truth, insurance companies exist to make a profit, not to hand out fair offers to others. They don't make their profit by giving their best offer to an injured party, but count on people taking those initial offers and signing away their rights to any future claims.

An experienced personal injury attorney will know the right amount to expect in your case and will understand what is fair and what should be rejected, and will know how to negotiate with insurance companies to get you the best offer.

2. You may have other parties that could be sued

Very often when a person has been injured there are many parties at fault for that injury; it might include the driver of another vehicle, the company that owned the vehicle they were driving, a manufacturer of a certain tool used during a medical procedure, and so on. A good personal injury attorney will be able to examine each case individually and ensure that you file all the claims that should be filed, so you get all the money you deserve for your injuries.

3. Your injuries may be worse than you realize

If an insurance company deals directly with an individual after an injury, they may try to minimize the extent of their injuries and how they impact a person's life. A broken bone or torn ligaments can mean struggling to get back to work or needing assistance around the house, whereas an insurance company may offer a small settlement based on the cost of medical bills alone. A good personal injury attorney from a firm like McCready Garcia & Leet P.C. will be able to note the impact of those injuries and just how serious they are and will also know if they will affect a person weeks and months after the incident itself. They can then negotiate with the insurance company for a better offer, and ensure all medical bills and other costs will be reimbursed.

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